A PoCUS Year in Review – Part 1

I’ve just wrapped up a phenomenal year of POCUS learning and thought I would share some of my cases and accompanying pearls. This is a two-part series. Here are the first 4 take home points, in no particular order.

1. Compare sides.

I was early into my fellowship when a colleague pulled me aside to have a look at a pediatric right hip. I had not yet formally been trained to assess joints but was curious to see why a 9 year old girl without a history of trauma would suddenly refuse to weight bear.

Here is the scan of the affected hip (right):

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DVT POCUS – Pitfalls of the 2-region technique

During a recent educational POCUS shift, I was teaching one of our learners how to perform a bedside assessment for DVTs using the well described 2-region compression technique (see video below).

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Needle Guidance for Procedural Ultrasound



As part of my fellowship I began a research project offering training in US guided peripheral IV insertion to our ED RNs.

This post is a collection of techniques to aid needle visualization that we as a group have found helpful, they are all initially described in regards to vascular access but the techniques can be extrapolated to aid other procedures requiring needle visualization with US.

Several excellent comprehensive reviews of the evidence and technique exist, here is a recent systematic review.1

My hope is that the addition of some visuals might help explain some of these techniques

… if not at least they are fun to make!

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