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Jordan Chenkin is the director of the point-of-care ultrasound training program for the Divison of Emergency Medicine at the University of Toronto. He is the director of the POCUS fellowship at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

An unusual headache

A 66 year-old woman presented to the emergency department complaining of a headache for the past 6 weeks. She described it as a throbbing pain in the frontal region and behind her eyes. She had no neurologic complaints, no vision changes, no scalp pain or jaw claudication. Her past history was significant for hyperparathyroidism, migraines, […]

Just another gastro – or is it?

A 30 year-old female presented to the ED with vomiting and diarrhea that began 4 hours ago. This was associated with crampy periumbilical pain. Her vitals signs were stable and she was afebrile. Her abdominal examination was benign, with no peritoneal findings and a negative Murphy’s sign. Her labs were remarkable for slightly elevated WBC […]

Knee vs Minivan

An 81 year old man was walking in a parking lot when he was struck on his left knee at low speed by a van. He was unable to ambulate. On examination he had pain and swelling distal to the left patella. He was unable to straight-leg-raise actively.