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Is it a thrombus?

It is not uncommon to get all excited when seeing shadows of foreign body in the chambers of the heart. Common causes are usually thrombus and vegetations but is it always true? We present a case of a 70 years of gentleman who presents with generalised weakness for 2 to 3 days and hypotension. He […]

A PoCUS Year in Review – Part 2

Here’s the final section of a 2-part series on some PoCUS pearls learned along my 1 year fellowship. 5. Trust the gut. This year, I’ve seen multiple presentations of cholecystitis. Let’s take a look at a slam dunk diagnosis. The following is a patient who presented with RUQ pain, vomiting, fever:

“Just my asthma”

A 42 year old man presents with shortness of breath on exertion for three weeks.  He was initially diagnosed with asthma by his GP, and had some improvement with salbutamol and fluticasone.  However, in the past week or so he feels his puffers are no longer helping.  He felt “warm” at home (no documented fever), and […]