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Beavertail: delicious Canadian pastry or POCUS pitfall?

I want to share a recent ED case that got me thinking. CASE: 38F with alcoholic use disorder presenting with a mildly tender but very distended abdomen. I put the probe on her and see this… The diagnosis was not hard. I expected to see ascites but her LUQ view puzzled me. What am I […]

A PoCUS Year in Review – Part 2

Here’s the final section of a 2-part series on some PoCUS pearls learned along my 1 year fellowship. 5. Trust the gut. This year, I’ve seen multiple presentations of cholecystitis. Let’s take a look at a slam dunk diagnosis. The following is a patient who presented with RUQ pain, vomiting, fever:

Just another gastro – or is it?

A 30 year-old female presented to the ED with vomiting and diarrhea that began 4 hours ago. This was associated with crampy periumbilical pain. Her vitals signs were stable and she was afebrile. Her abdominal examination was benign, with no peritoneal findings and a negative Murphy’s sign. Her labs were remarkable for slightly elevated WBC […]