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‘Tis the Season

It’s flu season…how can you tell if your patient presenting with cough and fever has pneumonia? 1. The Clinical Exam: decreased air entry on one side? crackles? dullness to percussion? increased tactile fremitus? whispered pectoriloquy? egophony? (yikes) 2. The CXR: there may be some fluffy white stuff? Keep calm, there is a tool that can […]

Swollen Genitals

It’s 2 am and an 89 yo male from LTC  presents with fever and scrotal swelling x 2 days. He was transferred to the ER for decreasing LOC. His Pmhx is significant for dementia, BPH and high cholesterol. On exam, he has a temp of 37.9, HR 91, RR 18, BP 111/57 and O2 sat […]