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Craig Brick is a 4th year emergency medicine resident and an ultrasound fellow at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, Canada

Needle Guidance for Procedural Ultrasound

    As part of my fellowship I began a research project offering training in US guided peripheral IV insertion to our ED RNs. This post is a collection of techniques to aid needle visualization that we as a group have found helpful, they are all initially described in regards to vascular access but the techniques […]

POCUS for Elbow Injuries

   THE CASE A 63 year-old lady fell outdoors after she was pulled over by her very bad dog. Apparently there was a squirrel. She fell on her right side and her efforts to save her Starbucks landed her directly on her elbow. Thanks to 4-point limb contact the dog stayed upright, the squirrel is still […]

Where the Right Upper Quadrant Goes Wrong … pearls and pitfalls in the FAST exam

The FAST exam helped pave the way for Emergency point-of-care ultrasound. Compared to many emergency US applications still in their infancy, the FAST exam has been thoroughly studied, widely implemented, and has proven utility. … sorry transcranial US… The FAST has been around since the 1970’s and replaced DPL, it is very sensitive and even […]