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POCUS for Elbow Injuries

   THE CASE A 63 year-old lady fell outdoors after she was pulled over by her very bad dog. Apparently there was a squirrel. She fell on her right side and her efforts to save her Starbucks landed her directly on her elbow. Thanks to 4-point limb contact the dog stayed upright, the squirrel is still […]

Does shoulder dislocation = 2 x-rays?

Case: A 65-year old healthy lady presents with left shoulder pain after sustaining a fall on outstretched arm injury while walking her dog. She complains about inability to move her left shoulder and severe pain. There was no associated head or neck injury. She has no prior history of shoulder dislocation. She is hemodynamically stable […]

Knee vs Minivan

An 81 year old man was walking in a parking lot when he was struck on his left knee at low speed by a van. He was unable to ambulate. On examination he had pain and swelling distal to the left patella. He was unable to straight-leg-raise actively.