A PoCUS Year in Review – Part 2

Here’s the final section of a 2-part series on some PoCUS pearls learned along my 1 year fellowship.

5. Trust the gut.

This year, I’ve seen multiple presentations of cholecystitis. Let’s take a look at a slam dunk diagnosis. The following is a patient who presented with RUQ pain, vomiting, fever:

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A PoCUS Year in Review – Part 1

I’ve just wrapped up a phenomenal year of POCUS learning and thought I would share some of my cases and accompanying pearls. This is a two-part series. Here are the first 4 take home points, in no particular order.

1. Compare sides.

I was early into my fellowship when a colleague pulled me aside to have a look at a pediatric right hip. I had not yet formally been trained to assess joints but was curious to see why a 9 year old girl without a history of trauma would suddenly refuse to weight bear.

Here is the scan of the affected hip (right):

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DVT POCUS – Pitfalls of the 2-region technique

During a recent educational POCUS shift, I was teaching one of our learners how to perform a bedside assessment for DVTs using the well described 2-region compression technique (see video below).

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